Destiny Education Institute Class Descriptions

Perfecting School - Mondays (8 weeks)
This education group is designed to help the believer to build a spiritual foundation through the Word of God to avoid the deception of the enemy, understand God's mind, biblical doctrine, and learn how to know Him. This exciting education group will give every believer the tools to stand and succeed in today's world.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Personal Finance - Mondays (8 weeks)
Many people struggle with financial concerns. They do not know how to involve God in their finances, neither are they able to focus on God's call for their lives because of the distractions of debt and lack. This education group will equip believers with both spiritual and practical principles to overcome their financial difficulties and minister to others.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Personal Ministry - Thursdays (5 weeks)
Every believer has been commissioned in Mark 16:15-20 to carry out the ministry of Jesus. We are called to witness for Christ, help people receive the Holy Spirit, pray the prayer of faith for people through the laying on of hands, minister healing, cast out demons, and walk in authority.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The Power of the Holy Spirit -  Thursdays (5 weeks)
This education group will train Spirit filled believers who have received the power of the baptism of the Holy Spirit on how to minister the power of God to others.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Fulfilling the Call of Church Administration and Organization - Thursdays (6 weeks)

God appoints and sets administrators in the church to assist church leaders in providing order and structure. Through the planning and organizational skills of administrators, members are able to see the vision, grab it, and help communicate it to others. In addition, leadership is provided the ability to measure and evaluate their ministry’s success. This group session will present powerful skills and principles to assist those in administration in their work ethic and communication.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Steps to Destiny Servanthood Training - Mondays (4 weeks)
Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.” (Matthew 20:26, MSG). Discover your greatness in our new Steps to Destiny Servanthood Training class.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER