Small Groups

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 Men Group Brief Group Description Day & Time
A Father’s Love Is designed as a forum for men to encourage each other in creating and maintaining an environment of love, safety, and nurturing for their children, wives, and extended family from God’s perspective.     Saturday 10am
ARISE ARISE and meet the challenge of being fathers, husbands and men of integrity, fulfilling the purpose for which GOD has created you. Arise and OVERCOME generational failings and the mistakes of your yesteryear.    Thursday 6:30pm

"REBOUND" Retired But Not Done

 This   group is where men connect who are in the 2nd phase of their life journey(retired) for the purpose of   encouraging and touching the lives of others for Christ    and His Kingdom.
   Thursday 6:30pm
EN-COURAGE En-Courage helps men to live with integrity, purpose, and commitment to their sons, daughters, and others in their sphere of influence while developing a firm unity and Christian values.    Tuesday 6:30pm
Men of Faith Men Group being built up in the Word of God. You are able to connect with men that are on fire for the Lord.    Tuesday 6:30pm
M.O.V.E. Men Of Vision and Empowerment  is a group focused on empowering men through God’s Word. MOVE will enable you to discover your purpose & vision for your life & family. M.O.V.E. into your destiny.     Sunday 10am
Reliant On Christ R.O.C. group is a gathering of young men intent upon making Jesus the  foundation and Lord of their hearts. Learning to please God in all their daily activities in order to realize their full potential, calling for family & community.     Sunday 10am
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Women Group Brief Group Description Day & Time
 "TLC" Touching Ladies for Christ Ladies coming together to pour into each other about foundational truths to help aid in their walk with GOD.    Sunday 1:15pm
Sisters of Strength Sisters in Christ coming together to support, uplift and fellowship with each other. We are applying God’s Word to get the victory in every area of our lives.    Sunday 10am
 "The Talk” This group connects in a call when your transportation is on pause. The members connect in a telephone call to continue to be strengthen in Word of GOD.     ANYTIME
GOD's QUEENS Women going through trials coming together to encourage each other. Seeking direction & receiving answers from God. These women are expecting GOD SHOW UP!     Tuesday @7pm
 Beauty For Ashes Women who are coming together seeking a Christ-centered life and finding joy in His Presence. Connection, relationship &  lasting friendship are formed.     Saturday 10am
 Living Out Your Destiny
Women faced with life challenges but determined to stay grounded in the Word of God. Encouraging each other to stand on HIS promises & not quit.
    Saturday 4pm
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Married Couples  Brief Group Description Day & Time
AGAPE KEEPERS    Married couples keeping GOD first in their marriages and loving their spouses with      the LOVE OF GOD.    Sunday 3pm
Two Becoming ONE Two Becoming ONE embraces newlyweds to help them to understand the biblical benefits of covenant relationship after they say "I DO". Couples will be motivated to love & respect one another as they grow as ONE!    Saturday 11am
We Are ONE Regardless of how the marriage started, We are ONE is a marriage group that encourages a strong finish. We connect with couples & help them remember they are ONE!!     Saturday 3pm
 GOD Chasers  We study the Word of God in a way that when we catch him it becomes a way of life. The discipleship group chases GOD and it gives us a passion for his presence.     Saturday 10am
 ROCK SOLID  A group of  Married Couples utilizing the WORD OF GOD to ensure our marriages are  on a firm foundation.      Saturday 2pm
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Young Adult/Single Brief Group Description Day & Time
Young Kingdom Women
Have you ever felt that you were alone? Come connect with young adult women as we study, discuss the Word of God and help each other answer Relative, Effective Answers for Life questions. We are determined to live for JESUS CHRIST our KING!
   Friday @6pm
COURAGEOUS MEN Young Adult Men standing fast to their faith, being strong, and letting all they do be done with the love of GOD. Real Men having REAL TALK!     Tuesday 6pm
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Prayer Brief Group Description   Day & Time
The True Life  Women believing, speaking and applying the Word of God so we can live "THE TRUE LIFE".   Sunday 1:30pm
 Face 2 Face It is women having a face to face encounter with God and praying for those things that concern them.    Monday 6pm
 Extended Glory Women who want to flow in the after glow of Early Morning Prayer & stand together in the effectual prayers of the righteous. Women who have the faith to warfare & prayer changes things.    Monday @ 5pm
 Grace Tappers Women of God tapping into God’s presence for supernatural intervention.    Tuesday 8:45am
 The Burning Swords We are women that are ready to to battle for the Lord. This is a time that we come together & connect in prayer.    Thursday 6:30pm
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Co-Ed Brief Group Description   Day & Time
 House of Peace HOP groups connect every week. They touch lives with the word of GOD & bring a connection to people who may never come to church, but  will come to your home.   Sunday, Friday, & Monday
Cancer Care Group Who says Cancer is a death sentence??? We discover & discuss God's word for our healing. We support & encourage each other through EVERY step we take on the journey.    Tuesday 6:30pm

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